How To Use KBeauty Makeup For Beginners


We can observe a change in the popularity of Korean makeup due to the recent rise in popularity of Korean dramas. We tend to picture peachy, coral colors, juicy, full lips, as well as the "no makeup" appearance, when we think of Korean makeup and K beauty regimen.

The biggest distinction between Korean cosmetics and Western makeup is its emphasis on using natural, mild ingredients to help maintain healthy, smooth skin. They are also fantastic for oily or sensitive skin. In addition, Korean makeup uses softer, neutral, and universally attractive hues and tones that add definition but not too much, making it appropriate for beginners who are just starting out.

The exciting part now is picking the best Korean makeup cosmetics for beginners! The face, eyes, and lips are the three basic areas covered by Korean cosmetics.


·      Face Makeup:

Consider this to be laying the groundwork for a smooth canvas on which you can showcase your artistic makeup application! Utilizing a primer like Ink Lasting, Foundation Slim Fit Ex or Ink Lasting Primer to prepare your skin, foundation like Cica Clearing BB Cream to cover and even out your skin tone, blush like Pure Blushed Sunshine Cheek, contour like Dual Contour, and highlight like Pure Glory Highlighter to draw attention to your best facial features, and finally foundation like Ink Lasting Powder Foundation to complete the look.

It is advised to choose Ink Lasting Powder Foundation face makeup or anything non-comedogenic if you have oily, acne-prone skin to prevent outbreaks. These typically come in the form of a powder foundation, a mattifying cushion like Stay Perfect Tone up Cushion, or a liquid foundation like Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit Ex, which is made to fight shine and keep your skin looking fresh all day.

 For people with dry skin, on the other hand, liquid or cream-based products are recommended since they have a higher moisture content, which keeps your skin well-balanced and prevents caking when applied for extended periods of time. Choosing foundations or cosmetics cushions enhanced with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin, or plant-based oils is advised.


·      Eye Makeup:

Puppy eyes and "aegyo-sal," also known as eye grins or Korean eyebags, are the most recognizable elements of Korean eye makeup and are meant to give you a young, innocent appearance. By combining the matte Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit Ex and Better than Palette which are both beginner-friendly with eyeliner made with a Superproof Brush Liner and mascara made with Kill Lash Superproof Mascara Long Curling, you can master the timeless Korean eye makeup look that will never go out of style.

Keep colors to a minimum when designing your eye K beauty makeup for K beauty regimen beginners by utilizing more neutral and natural colors like pink or browns. This is a foolproof way to produce a simple eye makeup appearance. Using an eyeshadow brush or your ring finger, cover the whole surface of your eyelids with a base color that is just a touch darker than the color of your skin. Then, to avoid any hard lines, apply a deeper shade of eye shadow to the outside corner of your eyelids while lightly blending the base shade into it. Apply a light shimmer shade to the center of your eyes to complete your eye makeup look and make your eyes "pop."

Once you`ve finished applying your eyeshadow, meticulously outline your lashline along the contour of your eye using an eyeliner pencil or pen. To achieve a puppy eye look, feel free to draw a little upward "wing" or a downward-slanted line. It`s finally time to apply mascara and curl your eyelashes for voluminous, thicker lashes.


·      Lip Makeup:

When compared to other types of makeup, lip makeup seems to be the least complicated, especially if you were the student who could flawlessly apply lip balm or lip gloss without a mirror in the past! Start by moisturizing your lips well with a lip care product like a lip balm if you want your lip makeup to last longer. Lip balms with Glasting Melting Balm; keep your lips from flaking and developing dry spots by giving them the moisture they require. We advise selecting Korean beauty products with all-natural, mild components for the greatest effects.

Apply an even layer or two of your preferred lip color or lipstick to your lips next. Use a soft tissue to gently wipe away any extra color, staying within the confines of your natural lip line. Using a lip liner to further define your lips or give the appearance of larger lips is an optional step in your Korean skincare regimen. Simply trace the natural line of your lips with the felt tip, then use your fingertips or a lip brush to mix in your lip color or lip tint.

So yeah, for K-Beauty beginners using products from BONIIK, start with a skincare routine, focusing on cleansing and moisturizing. Use lightweight foundations or BB creams for a natural look; opt for soft, gradient lips, and subtle blush. Keep eye makeup simple with neutral tones and finish with a setting spray for longevity. K-Beauty celebrates natural beauty, so feel free to adapt these steps to your preferences. BONIIK`s products can help you achieve a fresh, radiant look while emphasizing the importance of skincare as the foundation of your makeup routine. Enjoy exploring the world of K-Beauty and discovering your unique style.



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