Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The processing of information is explained in this privacy policy. The privacy policy is kept on updated, so viewers are requested to go through the updated policy timely. The policy is applied on all the activities taking place on the website and by the website. It explains how the data is collected, how it is then interpreted and whom it is shared with for a successful and smooth transaction. Furthermore, it explains how the collected data is protected by the website. Any changes might take place in the privacy policy, the audience must review it timely to stay updated. First of all, the privacy policy explains what kind of information is collected and for what purpose this kind of information is collected.
Kind of Information Collected
Directly collected information from you includes the Personal Identifiable Data. Name, Address, contact Number, E-mail Id, Profile picture, User ID, Password etc that is identifiable and you are generally asked at the time of signing up and creating an account. Here the term “processing” means that the information is either collected by the user directly or collected automatically by the Device, Internet, GPS, Interactions, Advertisement and Social Media Platforms is used and processed to target you with the best of available offers in the user’s vicinity and interest that best suit them.
Relationship and Demographic Data
includes the basic understanding of your lifestyle and preference, stores you might like based on your age, gender, job title, locality, preference, birth, education, years of experience, profession, language etc. This helps the website to market you the promotions and offers that are of your interest. The coupons that might fascinate you.
Contact and Payment Details
includes the billing address, shipping address, contact number, email address and social media accounts where the website can easily reach you. Payment details are your credit and debit card information which will be encrypted and safe with the website as the website has installed security software which eliminates the risk of theft and bankruptcy. The transaction details are also needed when you participate in any Contest, Cashback Rewards, Payment, Expiry date, CVN Code, Gift Cards etc based on the method you choose of communicating with the vendors and partnered brands.
Location Data
helps the advertisers track your physical presence and allows the website and application to notify you about the nearby available offers and promotions of your interest. It helps the advertisers and marketers to know the geological location of the user and target them with the offers and coupons nearby. If the user is in the mall or shop, or even nearby the brands, the GPS lets the marketers update and notify about the promotions so that the user doesn't miss a chance of availing discounts.
Sensitive Personal Information
is only collected and used when it is needed for a legitimate purpose under the applicable law. Otherwise, the website does not intend to use or collect the Sensitive Personal Information. The website does not collect any information about ethnicity, race, union membership, religious reviews, philosophical reviews, political opinions, mental or physical health of a user unless it is needed for a legal reason attached for buying a certain coupon of a product, specified with the use of a certain service of offer and so on. The website makes sure that the sensitive information if needed is collected with the consent of the user, under the applicable law and under the exercise of legal rights and in correspondence with the defense of the user rights. Moreover, the website is not intended to be used by the children. Children who are under 13 year of age are not allowed to use the website as strict action will be taken against them and whoever’s account name they are using will be called upon and the use of the website will be terminated. Children under 18 are allowed to use not below 13 , under parental guide if they wish to avail any coupon or promotions going on the website.
Collection of Data
The data is somehow directly collected by the user when they sign up and create an account, interact with the website, make a purchase, give a review, participate in any contest or an activity, download or install the website or the application, register to use any service, or indirectly through the Internet Protocol. Web Beacons, Internet Service Provider, Browser type, Search History, Cookies and Cache etc. the data is sometimes collected through third parties too, that is the social media platforms when you participate or log in and link your account to the use of the website. The data is generally collected by the data you provide directly, by the data that you make public on social media platforms or third party information.
The purpose of collecting data from the user is to provide and market services and offerings to the user, to communicate, to advertise, to engage the audience, to market and for general administration and management.