Trems & Conditions

The terms and conditions explain users' rights and responsibilities in terms of the usage of the website whether you make a purchase or not. It states a legal agreement between user and the website in terms of using the website or services offered by the website such as Coupons, Promo Codes, Discounts, Cashback Rewards, Bundle deals etc. it is therefore requested to the audience to go through the terms and conditions timely as to be notified with any changes that may take place in terms and conditions. If any user disagrees or does not comply with the terms, they are requested to stop using the website and its services immediately. If the user continues using the website and its services, we assume that the user agrees with it. These terms are applicable on the website and application installed or run by any software or any other interactive or linking feature. Any amendments taken place in the terms will be updated immediately under the heading of notice.
Usage: The website has a sole right to change or discontinue any terms or conditions any time without informing users. It has a right to edit, delete, update, continue or discontinue any service or offer available at the website without any prior notice to the audience. Your use of services makes the website sure about the acceptance of these terms and conditions stated by the website. The services are to be used for the adults and teenagers only and are not designed for the children under 13 years of age as allowed by the governing authorities. It is therefore the user's responsibility to secure their account and back it up with a strong password. Sharing of password with a minor will be charged as disobeying the terms and user will be responsible for any action taken place by their account either with or without their consent. The username and password must be kept confidential and it should not be shared with any other entity. Children over and above 13 years of age living outside the European Union can use the services and offerings of the website. Whereas, if you are 16 years or older and living in the territory of the European Union, you are liable to use the website and its offerings.
Accurate and Updated Information: At the time of signing up, the user is asked certain questions and is asked to create an account by signing up. Entering the real, accurate and timely information in Name, Address, Contact details etc is what the website expects from its user. Maintaining and updating the information timely is the user's responsibility to make it accurate and timely. The profile should represent the user as a person and not another identity or individual. For the security of the user account, you should set a strong password which includes characters, numbers, symbols and alphabets so that it is hard to guess or be hacked by anyone. The user is solely responsible for any activity or an action taking place by their account.
Purchase of Offerings: The website has a full right to change the price of any offerings without any prior notice to the users. The website assumes that you only purchase offerings and promotions for yourself or for a gifting purpose. It does not allow the user to resell its promotions and offerings to other persons or entities. The website has a regulating body in terms of export control. Some of the parts that you purchase are either used or have some used parts. The software is subjected to further export control and other regulating bodies. The user should also agree with the export and re-export terms and restrictions. Therefore, users should not export or violate such products to the banned or restricted country as it will be counted as a crime and violation of law. The website expects its users to be law-abiding citizens who are ethical, well mannered and courteous. The website based on the availability can edit, decline or accept the quantity that the user has ordered. Quantity restrictions can also be applied after the receipt has been issued even after the payment the website will just charge you full for the number of products or coupons they have delivered and the rest of the full payment of the cancelled order will be refunded by the website. The website tries its best to provide its users with the accurate and updated description and try to make sure that the information is valid, transparent and authentic. But, the website doe not warrant any product or its details as they are updated and given by the original manufacturer or the partnered brand of the website. The partnered brands are responsible for the delivery, damage, quality, quantity, color, texture, odor etc of the product that you avail through our website. It is also requested to the users to o through the partnered brand’s terms and privacy policy as we are not responsible for their terms and policies. The website is responsible for its own terms and privacy only. If the product is not accurate or has any sort of error in it, you must directly contact the customer care service of the partnered brand. The website acts as an intermediary between the user and partnered brand and helps them in selling their offerings and promotions to our website’s traffic. For more information you can check the return or exchange policy of the partnered brand.