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Bedroom furniture includes essentials like beds, dressers, and wardrobes. These pieces keep your room organized and functional. Choose furniture that fits your space and matches your style. Opt for a comfy bed, and a spacious dresser to create a relaxing bedroom.


Space General is a brand that is proud to be a top online store in South Auckland. Based on its customer reviews, this brand believes they are New Zealand's favorite place for home storage needs. The brand loves offering high-quality home storage products like bedroom furniture to make life easier. 

Space General Bedroom Furniture

Space General has a great selection of bedroom furniture. You’ll find roomy dressers, useful nightstands, and elegant wardrobes. This brand of furniture is made to keep your bedroom neat and cozy. With top-quality materials and many styles to choose from, Space General makes it easy to create your ideal bedroom.


Here are the top 4 Space General bedroom furniture:


Vasagle Dressing Table 

The simple, modern design of this makeup desk combines clean lines with a sleek color, enhancing the look of your bedroom decor. The makeup desk is designed to be both spacious and compact. It is ideal for small bedrooms or apartments where space is limited. The makeup desk comes with a large, clear mirror. This sizeable mirror provides a perfect view, allowing you to see yourself clearly for flawless makeup application every time.


Below are the specifications of the Vasagle Dressing Table: 


  • Comes in white. 

  • Manufactured by particleboard material. 

  • Product size 80cm in length, 40cm in width, and 140cm in height.

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To have this modern design desk in your room buy this Vasagle Dressing Table priced at $143.


Vasagle Storage Box

This storage bench is made from strong particleboard and can hold up to 300 kg. It has a hidden compartment that gives you a comfy place to sit while changing shoes and lots of storage space for your items that can fit blankets, books, and more. It helps keep your living area tidy and organized.


Listed are the specifications of the Vasagle Storage Box:


  • Sleek lines with rustic style.

  • Engineered with handles on both sides, for easy movement.

  • Product size is 100cm in length, 40cm in width, and 46cm in height.

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To keep a store unit in your room buy this Vasagle Storage Box priced at $135.


Vasagle Round Side Table

With clean lines and a matte white finish, this side table has a simple, modern design that adds elegance to any living room or bedroom, easily matching different decor styles. The steel U-legs are securely attached to the round steel frame with four screws and connected at the bottom with another screw, ensuring the table is stable and doesn’t wobble. The high-quality basket is made of double-layered smooth polyester fabric, supported by an MDF board at the bottom. It has a linen-like look, adding a unique touch while offering plenty of storage space.


Mentioned are the specifications of the Vasagle Round Side Table:


  • Made from particleboard, steel, polyester fabric material.

  • Offers 45 cm (Diameter) x 50 cm (Height).

  • Comes with a 35 kg maximum tabletop load capacity.

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To have a side coffee table in your room buy this Vasagle Round Side Table priced at $49.

Vasagle Side Table - Rustic Walnut

A mix of rustic walnut with a unique open design, and sleek lines give this chic side table a simple, elegant look that fits well with many home decor styles. This versatile small table can be used either way. It works as a sofa table in the living room, a bedside table in the bedroom, or a small storage shelf. 


These are the specifications of the Vasagle Side Table - Rustic Walnut:


  • Crafted from ‎engineered wood material. 

  • Has plastic foot pads. 

  • Product size is 30cm in length,40cm in width, and 60cm in height. 

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To add a unique side table to your room buy this Vasagle Side Table - Rustic Walnut priced at $89.


Space General offers a fantastic range of bedroom furniture that combines style, quality, and functionality. No matter if you're looking for a spacious dresser, a useful nightstand, or a stylish table, Space General has you covered. Their products are designed to keep your bedroom neat and cozy, with a variety of styles to suit your room environment.


Stay tuned to Savetomycart for more updates on various bedroom furniture items. 



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