Follow the Key Color - Brown is the New Black

admin  |  April 22 11

The comeback of brown color in fashion is that the other dark neutrals are worn and used too often. Brown color has always been underrated and seen as an invaluable color due to the fact that for years other neutrals won the hearts of people and got into fashion. Brown colors have not been in trend and fashion for years and now it has gained the attention and front seat of the industry. Major and giant brands are aware of the sophistication and worth of the color and have been using brown somewhere in their production. The contrast and hues that brown has with other colors cannot be seen remarkably by any other color. Brands like Chloe, LV, Bottega Veneta, etc. Brown color is not just loved by the customers in terms of chocolates but in great fashion sense too. Browns Fashion has everything about fashion and luxury by the brown people. It has brought two boutiques located in London and has dedicated its management to the brown community. This earthy color brown is highly used with creativity by the store. Primarily brown and its shades are used, other than that every existing color is also available looking at people’s tastes and demands. Browns Fashion is focusing largely on Women`s clothing, men`s clothing, trendy accessories, stylish shoes, bags, jewelry, designer and whatnot? In each category, you can get for your occasion or event such as Bridal wear, party wear, best seller, designer wear, occasion-based, essentials, basics daily wear, breathable, gifts and winter wardrobe. If we talk about home essentials, you can find mesmerizing home decor products, bath accessories, candles both scented and unscented, soft furnishing, towels, bedding, linens, cushions, cutlery, tea sets, barware, trays, plates, vases and everything you need to add colors and warmth to your home. Where else you would find everything under one roof for yourself and for your home? Browns Fashion has got you covered. The store believes that good things come to those who subscribe and stay updated. Every day you can find new bags, shoes and dresses updated daily in stores and online. You can shop what’s on sale daily. There are some exciting things about Browns Fashion which is unlike other stores. The Boutique Personal Shopping and the Restory for Browns.

The Boutique Personal: the valued customers are given access to go and enjoy personal boutique shopping which offers individual attention with one advisor with you. There, you can visit the private stylish room with a super luxury ambiance and atmosphere. This experience is followed by both the boutique`s Browns East or at Brown Brook Street. The season’s best pieces are displayed there and you can style them at the styling pods. Whenever the customer plan to visit, the personal boutique shopping team is there to facilitate in hand so that the experience stays unforgettable and worthy. Complimentary cocktails are also offered to refresh the visitors. At the boutique, extra after shopping treatments are also given to make you feel special and valued. These include a dine-out at one of the restaurants owned by the store - Native at Browns. If you visit Brown Brook Street outlet in London, you can surely visit the third floor for these services and for personal shopping On the Go. there are three unique and sumptuously deluxe styling rooms. You can book any prior to the visit. Groundbreaking technology is utilized by the other outlet Browns East. mirrors are connected to make your experience hustle-free. You just have to stay in the pod and do the magic with your fingertips. Yes, you heard it right. You can ask for another style, design or size just with a click. A personal shopper will therefore be available to assist you if you need any guidance or details. Make sure that you book an appointment earlier so that there’s no clash or delay in the service. You can discuss the date and time you are free to visit. one of the personal representatives will constantly be in contact and link with you to come up with tailored solutions for your requirements. You can skip the audience and rush and experience a crowd-free personalized time with a styling expert at styling pods primarily designed for your needs and taste. If you are worried and tense now that you would love to explore the styling pod with customization and personalization but it is far from your vicinity? Not in London? No Problem! You can now book your appointment and experience class with focused shopping online through Virtual Personal Shopping. 

The restory for Browns: Restory is the pioneer in providing aftercare to the luxury products and items that you love and needs a little restoration. It is an in-house service offered by Browns Fashion with the artisans like nowhere else. They are skilled and their performance is remarkable. If any of your favorite or most frequent used bags, sandals, backpack, or suitcase need a restoration, send it in. the exciting part is that the services start from 95 pounds only. A new life will be added to your used piece and after the service, you will doubt as to if it is the new one or the older used one. The artisans are from today’s world and are leather experts and specialists who can alter, restore and add an extra shine to your item. Moreover, you can get another new comfortable sole in your shoe and get it to resole. Furthermore, you can reheel your favorite broken or too used heels. Also, you can get your leather bags, shoes or suitcases, boots cleaned at the most affordable prices. Last but not the least, these services are exquisite and not casually offered by any other store and this makes Browns Fashion unique and stand out. The brand Browns Fashion was established and laid its foundation back in 1970 and is continuously striving to deliver the best at the most affordable prices in town. Millions of customers are satisfied and trust Browns Fashion when it comes to following fashion and trends with class and luxury.