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Located in London, two Australian co-founders launched the company back in 2007 and named it “Skimlinks”. It is an online monetization platform for publishers and merchants. The website is highly beneficial for the Publishers as their content and product are automatically affiliated with commerce links. Small and medium-sized enterprises along with known and giant enterprise leaders have trust and faith in Skimlinks. The website is best known for its technology like nowhere else. The commerce content present on the website is directly affiliated with the website so that the publishers don’t have to focus on this part. Publishers then have a large chunk of time saved that can be spent on planning and coming up with creative and unique content for their website. Publishers should focus more on defining products and offers to make them clear to the audience. Skimlinks is a large platform having more than 60,000 publishers, around 49,000 merchants and 85 employees who are engaged with the company. It is thought to believe that on average the company generates a sale of $2.5 Million every day. Skimlinks understands and respects the opinion that in this competing world, everyone wants to be on No. therefore, Skimlinks provides a bundle of opportunities to its members. You can have direct access to 49,000 merchants around the world and can easily work with them and communicate in seconds. There are merchants who are ready to give special commissions to Skimlink’s publishers, you can work with them as well. Those merchants can be identified on the website as VIP Merchants and Special Prefered Partners. Skimlinks is free and has an easy-to-use model to avoid any complications and confusion. The company ensures the privacy of its members and is working under the practices and framework of certifications prescribed by the regulating bodies and authorities. It comes up with commerce content strategies and business solutions for both publishers and merchants both. It is among one of the world’s biggest digital marketing companies and commerce content monetization platforms. The publishers are helped largely in meeting their goals and generating sales. The publishers registered with Skimlinks are not solely dependent on the advertisers for affiliating their products and offers to customers. An all under one roof platform that provides the latest technology and updated tools to help publishers and merchants to start their business, grow substantially and become a successful commerce content website. It can easily be operated on a Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone because it is simple and easy to use. It has experience of 10 years of success in the market and with its expertise, dedication and hard work, it has helped a lot of ventures to grow and sustain. The majority of its clients are one of the top leading publishers and merchants. It is a trusted platform because of its service and customer care. The team is experienced and ready to help clients 24/7 a week. Taking advantage of something of exclusive value that is legal is a good thing and one must walk the extra mile to make their business a success. Skimlinks gives you all the combinations of benefits that are necessary for a smooth run and generating profits. The extraordinary function that it has for publishers is remarkable and notable. Publishers can take great advantage of it. Helping in meeting thousands of publishers to merchants so that they can bind a knot to work together with mutually agreed goals and vision. For people who want a reputable and trustworthy platform to get solutions and opportunities in terms of digital marketing, Skimlinks is all for you. There is a range of programs, data and tools to grow and expand your business. It is a platform with infinite opportunities that provides standard business development solutions. The platform is trusted by thousands of known brands because of its binding with the privacy framework legally. Every detail and data at Skimlinks is safe and sound. It is guaranteed that the revenue will increase after using Skimlinks programs for optimizing your business. A monetization is a tool that can help publishers and partnered brands both because the brand wants its product or service to get sold and publishers get the referral commission for selling their product or service. All the information and data needed relating to the reach of your offer, interactions it had, visits people made, traffic involved, time spent on the website, product’s website visit, insights and other marketing tools and intelligence is given in analytics and reports. One can be highly benefitted from working with Skimlinks because they offer a higher commission than others. Their hard work and functions make them stand out from other digital marketing companies. The audience is always satisfied with the work ethics and expertise they practice. Skimlinks gives an opportunity to publishers to widen their product category because Skimlinks releases new products timely. The publishers can directly check if a merchant is working with Skimlinks or not by Skimlinks direct on Editor Toolbar. It is an extension that has eased the lives of publishers. Publishers registered and working with Skimlinks should install this Editor Toolbar extension to facilitate their commerce content. All that is needed to get your hands on the Editor Toolbar s signing up after logging in with your Skimlinks account. A new feature of DTC Filter is also available on the website to see the DTC Merchants and make them a part of your content. Last but not the least, Country Reports is another exciting new feature that can help you and your users both. You can analyze and see insights that where is your content being watched, how many clicks and visits were made, the conversion rate can be studied, price comparison, order worth and sales generated by each country by utilizing the companies tools and programs. Skimlinks strongly believes in maintaining the privacy of its publishers and merchants. It has always helped publishers and merchants to make the most of the opportunities they offer and is always ready to assist you whenever needed. 


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