Get Your Hands on Affordable Trendy and Must Have Jewelry Pieces from Missoma


It is a UK-based celebrity-loved jewelry brand. Inspiring people with creativity is the mission of Missoma. Not a single piece is outsourced at the store, everything is made in-house with extra care, love and perfection. The store loves to own its creativity and artwork and is fueling creativity for a long time. The designs and pieces at Missoma are exceptional and loved by all. The quality is extraordinary with prices like nowhere else- So Affordable. Every content and piece is exclusively designed, crafted and made by them only. It is a demi-fine jewelry brand known for its creativity and designs. It was founded back in 2008 and in its 14 years of formation, it has designed exclusively iconic designs that stand out. It is based in London whereas its headquarters are located in Notting Hill. it has now partnered with world-class leading retailers and is shipping its products to more than 200 countries- What an Expansion! The designs are keeping up with the current trends and ongoing fashion of the market and the industry. From single-layer chokers to layered dangling necklaces, Missoma is covering every piece and type of jewelry you are looking for. They are known in the industry for their self-expression and craftsmanship. Missoma is continuously striving to meet the expectations and it has never failed. Instead, it has cherished customer’s moods and events with extra fine quality and bold pieces of jewelry. The motto of the company is simple- to inspire confidence and spark creativity through every piece they design. A community where people love to cherish confidence, self-expression, creativity and style. Every piece of jewelry is exclusively designed and is based on the personal likeness of designers, cultural inheritance, inspiration from someone or something, or their creativity. Missoma strongly believes in the togetherness of the community that is why it is continuously working on leaving a positive impact on the world and the community. The jewelry designed by Missoma at the time of launching was categorized in between fashion and fine jewelry. Now, it is popular and known for its demi-fine designs. It Strongly believes and contributes towards the sustainability that is it finds itself accountable for the people they’re working with and their work-life balance. It kept on complying with the ethical and sustainable standards for the community and for its employees. The founder Marisa said that she established this business because she wanted people to wear fast-forward fashion jewelry high in quality at the most affordable prices. This was something missing majorly in the jewelry industry that if the quality was high, people have to pay shells out of their pockets for acquiring them. High-quality jewelry was highly-priced as well. The production is designed by them, not a single piece or an item is outsourced or purchased by the outside company. Every piece of jewelry can be used as a piece of statement jewelry while each piece remains unique and self-designed. The jewelry has helped various customers define their personalities in terms of if they are decent, sophisticated, bold, fashionista, funky, trendy, outgoing, shy, innovative, extrovert, introvert, compassionate and what not. It is truly said that Whatever you wear gives a reflection of who you are. Missoma is contributing positivity towards society, community and the outer environment. 

At Missoma you are guided on how to style the jewelry and especially layered pieces of jewelry. You can even shop for those ideas. For instance, if you want to layer a small-sized choker with a hanging neck chain, the option and designs are available in pairs. Isn’t it easy? Shopping and pairing is now made easy with Missoma. Moreover, if you want to design the layers yourself, go ahead. The layering shop is separately available online with easy options and incredible designs. The earrings and g=rings are also paired to make it a set of jewelry. If you don’t like the layers or are not fond of it, don’t worry; the store has simple yet amazing options for all tastes of customers. You can instantly shop simple chains or style it backways. Apart from this, if you are a statement neckpieces lover, you can shop a neckmess styled and designed by the designer, or you can do it your way for your kind of a mess. There are astounding available options to shop from. Probably can make the viewer bewildered about what to shop or shop for everything instead. The necklace sets are available in stones, coins, stars, chained, snake chains, knotted chains, fun chains, pearls chains and every kind of chain you are looking for.

For people who love their ears to display unique pieces of ear stacks, Missoma has got you covered! Classic designs of mini hoops, Huggies, earrings, ear studs, statement earrings and stackings that stand out. In addition, you can surely look for bracelets or arm stack pieces. With stackings like everyday casual hand chains and bracelets or outgoing, party or charm cuffs for adding life to your overall look. You can shop delicate chain designs for a hand and casual look or bold and statement charms and cuffs for the perfect evening look. Similarly, the designers have sorted out this matching and pairing issue for the convenience of customers. In this category as well, you can find minimalist designs paired or a pair of statement bracelets or cuffs. Not only this, you can shop pendants for complimenting your overall look. With Missoma everything is now made easy and affordable. Head over to your nearest store now! What are you waiting for? Or shop online and avail of 10% flat off on your first order. You can simply layer your jewelry the Missoma way and flaunt every piece of jewelry you carry. Besides this, you can sign up and get updated with their sale, discounts and vouchers for availing of additional discounts. By signing up, get early access to the sales and new arrivals before random customers. Get your hands on the charming and creative pieces of jewelry now. 


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