Transform Your Home by Styling it with RUGS USA


It is righteously believed that rugs do add coziness and warmth in the style of your bedroom, living room, or children`s room. When you think of styling your home with beautiful rugs, there are lots of questions in mind. Those include: Which type of rug to be bought? Which area should be covered by a rug? Which color and design would suit this specific area? Which room’s rug should be bought first? How to design it with a rug? The budget to be assigned to style it with rugs and carpets. The designers nowadays have mastered the skills and techniques of rugs designing. Making sure that it goes with the area’s wall color, furniture color, type of design the area has, or space of the area. If we talk about the pioneers of rugs and carpets, one brand surely comes to mind that is RUGS USA. It has established its image with quality and excellence by having more than 180,000 satisfied and loyal customers. Among which there are 170,000 5 star rating reviews. It offers fast shipping along with 30 days easy return policy if you find an issue with the product. The area rugs it offers are loved by 2 million customers. Helping customers turn their houses into homes. It has been serving the market for more than 20 years now. 

The friends and family sale at RUGS USA is live now and offers a huge discount of up to 75% off. Isn’t it amazing? Rush to your nearest store or visit online and shop instantly. The sale is only valid for their own production items and not on cleaners, grippers, clearance items, rug pads and sample sales. Roll out the new arrivals of rugs in your new house or apartment you’ve shifted or planning to shift into. It is very confusing to decide which types, size, material, quality and style to buy for a specific area of the house. Matching the right fit with your personality that best defines your lifestyle is important too. If you are an artist, your choice of rug according to the room should depict the artistry. It can be decent and sophisticated or bold and colorful- completely your choice. The first thing that comes to mind when you are shifting to a new place is to consider buying a rug for your crawling baby or learning to stand or walk baby. Primarily a toddler will need a rug too for safe playing and sitting. Rugs will look incredibly amazing when placed over an existing carpet too. Try it once and you will surely love it. It will add a look of extra comfort and coziness to your room. It is quite difficult to decide which places to buy rugs for at first. It depends, slowly and gradually you’ll bring things to decorate your new house or even the existing one. The places which will be in a larger use, or commonly used places will need rugs first. The living room should be considered first while buying a rug and the dining rooms as most of the guests pay a visit to these two common places to sit and to eat. Moreover, the toddlers spend most of the time in the living room too. It is pretty alright to take some time to relax and decide one after the other places that need style and decoration. Decorating a new home takes a lot of your monthly budget and consider decorating and styling one room at a time. It is also not necessary to buy the furniture first when buying everything new for the room. You can definitely buy a rug, sofa set, center table, decoration pieces, or anything before buying furniture and then decorate and style everything accordingly. For the living room or bedroom, the bigger the rug, the better it looks. The area looks more spacious when a larger rug is rolled over. You can also layer a colorful or existing smaller rug over a neutral larger-sized rug to give it a statement look. Smaller rugs make the space looks smaller too. It is recommended by the experts that the rug should be larger enough so that the legs of every piece of furniture are over it. For example, a smaller rug with minimal furniture or no furniture on it makes the area looks smaller. Vice versa when a rug is big enough that every furniture like cupboard, showcase, side table. Sofas, dressing tables, study tables, coffee tables, beds, or any other part of furniture’s leg are over it; adds grace to the look and looks complete and bigger too. Another thing that comes to mind while buying is the size of the area and the size of the rug. Will it look smaller? Will it be oversized? Will it fit the area? It’s quite easy. Take out the painter’s tape and measure the exact measurements from the edges when you visit the store. Try to consider buying with the same measurements for the perfect fit.


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